Briarcliffe Gardens A State-of-the-Art Memory Care Assisted Living Residence


In his novel entitled It’s About Time, author Richard Ratcliff penned these poignant words: “I am learning daily to be the reluctant guardian of your memories. There was once light in those eyes; I miss that.” There are many family members and caregivers who share these same sentiments when talking about the ones they love who are suffering from memory loss.

Memory loss, whether the result of aging, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or other causes, can alter the course of our life’s journey. As painful as it is to admit, there often comes a time when those who suffer from memory loss can no longer live independently or, in many cases, remain at home with family or other caregivers. Safety becomes a deep concern, but so does the sustainability of a situation which can be stressful and even debilitating for long-term caregivers.

It is times like these when the support and resources of a memory care assisted-living residence such as Briarcliffe Gardens become so important. This established, state-of-the-art residence, situated on a private, 30-acre campus in Johnston, provides a comprehensive and compassionate home where memory-loss residents can still live fulfilling, vibrant and active lives.

Thought has been put into every feature of this memory-care residence. When the plans were being drafted for Briarcliffe Gardens, director and owner Akshay Talwar, along with his team, poured over every detail. Each design decision was based on thorough research conducted by evaluating other memory care programs around the country. Talwar felt he could improve upon what was previously available to people in need of these services and broke the mold in the design of Briarcliffe Gardens. Every detail was carefully calculated, from the lofty ceilings and skylights of their common rooms that let in natural light to the variety of therapeutic programs (pet therapy, Tai Chi and yoga, to name a few) to the caliber and training of its professional staff. All are intended to enhance the quality of life and the safety of the residents of this homey center.

Some of the many other features of Briarcliffe Gardens include:

• Sunny & cheerful common spaces for entertainment, crafts and socialization

• A combination of private rooms and single rooms with shared entry space & bathroom, unfurnished or furnished suites available

• Freshly prepared meals and nutritional counseling as needed by a registered dietician

• Coordination of care including rehabilitation, lab services and x-ray services

There are many other memory-care facilities in the state, but few have the record and reputation of Briarcliffe Gardens. A recent survey revealed that 100% of the survey’s respondents (current family members) say they would recommend Briarcliffe to their friends and family, even after looking at 3 to 5 other centers.

Schedule your personal tour of Briarcliffe Gardens, located on Old Pocasset Road in Johnston by contacting them at 401-944-2450, ext. 202. For more information, you can also visit them at


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