Community should support gun-control bills


To the Editor:

I am a 10th grade student attending Cranston High School East, and as a high school student in a time of mass shootings in schools around the country, I feel as though it is my duty to care for and protect my peers and fellow students.

Gov. Raimondo, Attorney General Neronha and other state representatives have proposed bills that would “ban assault weapons, limit large capacity feeding devices, and prohibit concealed carry of loaded weapons on K-12 school grounds.” Although it seems that these measures should have already been taken, I fully support these three bills.

To think that at the current moment a teacher could carry a hidden loaded weapon into a supposedly safe school environment seems absurd to me. Two years ago, a similar bill was introduced, but unfortunately, that bill did not pass. After that bill, I talked to my fellow classmates about the rights of gun owners in schools and they all agreed that it was insane that these bills had not been passed, even after a multitude of brutal school massacres.

I believe that the purpose of schools is not only to give students the ability for their minds to grow but to also ensure a safe learning environment. As shootings are consistently happening throughout America, I wonder if or when this issue will affect a community near me. This is why I would like to express my support of these three bills and hope you will, too.

Carter Wolf



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