Deceptively beautiful hell in Smith’s final novel of ‘The 13th Apostle’ trilogy


Author Raina C. Smith has released Thy Kingdom Come, the third and final installment of her trilogy, The 13th Apostle. This is Smith’s fourth novel.

“It is with great pride that I publicly release my latest novel, Thy Kingdom Come, concluding The 13th Apostle trilogy about the inherent nature of mankind and the forces of good and evil within the human soul. I hope this epic story inspires readers of all ages in new and profound ways. To me, this trilogy is far more than a set of books, it’s a labor of love,” Smith said.

In the trilogy, Fallon, who intentionally condemned her soul to the netherworld is on a noble mission to try to save the soul of her twin brother, Roarke. Knowing full well there is no record of any life force ever successfully freeing itself from the Place of the Cursed, Fallon has no idea what to expect as she is deposited in the afterlife location the living consider a place of torment and shame. 

An astonished Fallon comes to realize that hell is one of the most strikingly beautiful places she could ever imagine. While seemingly born from the minds of the greatest artists ever to live, she has yet to comprehend the sinister reason behind its captivating design. It is here, during her lonely travels through the Abode of the Damned, that Fallon crosses paths with those throughout history whose sins were so grave, even they could never forgive their transgressions against divine law. It is through what she learns from meeting and talking with these regretful souls that she feels she may have discovered a way to save her brother. That’s if the Evil One hasn’t anticipated her every move. 

Smith is a native Rhode Islander and writer of The 13th Apostle trilogy series, as well as The Vampire. Smith draws creative inspiration from personal experiences, an innate curiosity of the universal energy force that connects all life, and from a source that she considers from another realm but cannot explain or identify to create dramatic and intense storylines for her books. Smith feels that she must be spiritually moved and riveted by every scene and chapter she writes, before ever considering it worthy of sharing with her readers. Writing novels highlighting mankind’s struggle between good and evil, touching on the supernatural, is Smith’s passion. Readers will always find deep human emotion, brutal conflict, unbridled love, interesting world history, and unique characters wildly driven by their own sense of purpose within the pages of her books. A lover of nature and all animals, Smith’s writing illustrates her inborn quest to understand why human beings born to a breathtaking earth, blessed to share it with the most fascinating creatures meant to inspire and teach, take it for granted, depleting themselves and each other along their journey. While Smith knows she will never fully uncover the secrets of the universe, she feels with certainty that to begin to understand who we are and why we’re truly here, as well as start to heal the planet, we must all embrace the conscious intelligence of the natural environment surrounding us, and look into the eyes and feel the hearts of sentient beings who already have the answer. Smith intends to spend the rest of her life observing and writing about the evolution of the human soul.


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