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To the Editor:

America seems to be at some kind of crossroad. The element researchers identify as a unifying feature of Trump voters is race. This was even more important than the abortion issues. The trouble is that the word “race” means nothing. It was invented in the 18th century to create a fantasy structure where Europeans would be called “Caucasian.” This word, which normally referred to people living in the Caucasus that is today by Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Johann Blumenbach picked the word, and he claimed that the people of the Caucasus were the most beautiful of the world, even angelic. He believed that the Caucasian “race” was the first and prime race, and that all others were degenerations of the beauty of Caucasians. In fact, he claimed that Adam and Eve were Caucasian.

Blumenbach’s terms were used for one purpose: to establish the superiority of his “angels”, the Caucasians, and to defame and slander all other humans on earth. It was and remains a key part of the insanity of a Black Race, a White Race, a Yellow, Red, or Brown Race. The only way to identify human beings is by our ethnicity, captured in our DNA. 

Any use of “Caucasian” for any purpose is outright “Hatism.” You see, these haters are hating, and if we call it “Racism,” then we are accepting their premise that while we may not approve it, “Racism” or “Race Hatred” means something. They don’t. The use of the term “Hatism” and “Hater” describes the actor in this process; “Racism” doesn’t. Since Race does not exist, Racism cannot exist. The use of “race” in any situation is the tensions of calling black, red, brown or red is exactly the same as using the N-word.

Marc W. Kohler



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spoken like a true squarehead

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I want to thank the Editor and staff of The Johnston Sunrise for publishing my letter. justanidiot has commented that I "spoken like a true squarehead." Well, that is an insult from very old meaning:1. a person who is stupid or not able to do something 2. an offensive word for a person from Germany, Holland or Scandinavia; a person whose family originally came from there. In the end, you are commenting on my letter by called me stupid. What an fine comment, and I am afraid that it says more about you than the content of my letter.

Thursday, August 23, 2018