Don't exclude lower-priced car parts


To the Editor:

As the owner of a family business in Scituate that employs over 20 people and takes great pride in providing high-quality, environmentally-friendly recycled parts at much lower prices than the car companies to customers across our state, I am very concerned about a bill that is making its way through the Rhode Island legislature.

HB 8013 would expand the monopoly automakers currently have on the car parts that are used most often to repair wrecked vehicles in the first 30 months of a vehicle’s life to 48 months and would add all parts to the aftermarket restriction, including those DIYers purchase most often like windshield wipers, oil filters and batteries. It would exclude many of the parts my business and dozens of others like it here in Rhode Island sell. Our state already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country thanks in part to ill-reasoned initiatives like this one that would hurt recycling businesses across our state.

I hope that our leaders will see the light and vote against this bill.

Harry Hall

Hall’s Garage

56 Plainfield Pike

North Scituate


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