Infinity Fitness and Wellness It’s more than a “resolution”, it’s a lifestyle change in 2017


The look on Jessica Andrew’s face is one of intense concentration as she whips the “Battle Ropes” up and down with every ounce of her strength and every fiber of her taut muscles. Within minutes, she has ascended a heavy rope that dangles from the ceiling of Infinity Fitness and Wellness, a progressive fitness center on Elmwood Avenue in Cranston.

The ease with which Jessica climbs that rope belies her age and the debilitating illness of fibromyalgia which she has battled for the most part of the past decade and which actually inspired her to begin a major lifestyle change over two years ago. She would never have guessed then, when she could barely get out of bed, that over the course of those next two years, she would compete multiple times in the highly competitive and bruising “Spartan” races, including the most brutal one of all, “the Beast”. Now, Jessica and her equally-fit husband Tony, find themselves regularly traveling from their home in Taunton to work out with the close-knit team at Infinity. Here, they have found both a community of other fitness-minded teammates, but also a real family.

Jessica’s journey to a state of mind/body equilibrium are not unique to this 53-year old powerhouse. In fact, Infinity Fitness is home to many others who, just like her, have come here with a resolve to overcome challenging health or weight issues or to make a lifestyle change – a change which came in retirement to member Diane Greaves. Diane, who once fought a defeating struggle with weight, took control of her health and showed up at Infinity eight years ago. Now, she is the poster-child for what hard work, dedication and the support of an inspiring team can do. Slimmer, stronger, prouder and mostly, healthier, Diane is a familiar face at Infinity where she no longer sees limits to what she can do in her newfound life.

“No limits” is absolutely the mantra of Melissa Sischo, the owner of Infinity Fitness and Wellness and Jennifer Mello, the center’s manager. Both talented instructors and coaches, Melissa and Jennifer have a vision of Infinity that translates into a philosophy that is all-inclusive, empowering and limitless. They, along with a 4-member team of other trainers, have one overarching goal in mind ~ to make people feel better by helping them achieve balance in their lives.

Infinity Fitness and Wellness offers everything from training for those grueling region-wide “Spartan”races to Zumba and yoga classes to one-on-one personal workouts, massages and Reiki therapy to ever-popular spinning classes. There is literally something for everyone here, no matter one’s age or ability level. Men and woman alike benefit from the versatile programming and equipment here.

Start your new life today at Infinity ~ visit them at or call 401-215-5698. The gym is located in Building 21 at 1655 Elmwood Avenue. Check out their amazing offer for 2017!


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