Lights of honor

Shine on high

The wings of sailors

Adorn the sky

For we the people

Who look for stars

To guide us through

This life bizarre

Today such an angel

Entered that realm

Like those before him

He’s taken the helm

A journey so harsh

Yet filled with great love

The pain is gone

Our pilots above

Goodbye Senator

Father, hero, John

By your very example

That lights never gone

Thanks for the service

Thanks for each day

Thanks for the honor

You’ve shown us the way The truth bears witness to the deeds of man. For few this occurs in a lifetime.

John McCain’s service, honor and self-effacing efforts are examples to us all. The mold was broken, we now wonder who will be next. Until then, let’s learn from his tireless efforts. He was a hero.

Being shot down proved him a man. Being imprisoned proved him a hero. The life of service and love shown after these have proven him to be the personification of ideals few ever attain. Rest in peace, John McCain.

Bob Houghtaling



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