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(Based on true story of wrongfully accused)

Michael B. Jordan plays Brian Stevenson, a Harvard grad lawyer who travels to Alabama in 1986 to seek justice and mercy for wrongfully accused men living on Death Row. His first client is Walter McMillan (Jamie Foxx), accused of killing a white woman and sentenced to die, even though the only evidence against him is a lying, sinister convict.

Ironically, the story takes place in Monroeville, where the main attraction is the To Kill a Mockingbird Museum.

Stevenson must first win the confidence of his client and family, then face the prejudice and harassment of the bigoted police department and most of the white townspeople.

Ralph Myers (Tim Blake Nelson) is pursued by Stevenson to tell the truth, and he plays a pivotal role in the trial, where little justice and mercy is shown, in spite of the evidence. Myers has to be one of the eeriest characters ever portrayed on screen, with his beady eyes slanted mouth and body twitches.

As is often the case, we had forgotten about the incident until reminded of the “60 Minutes” segment that brought the plight of the innocent being falsely accused.

Whether you believe in capital punishment or not, this gripping movie will surely make you think about it.

Rated PG-13. A good history lesson for young people.


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