Liberal hypocrisy baffles me


To the Editor:

I’m compelled to write in response to the two letters in the Editorial section from May 17, 2018. First, the unbelievable hypocrisy of many liberals continues to baffle me. Mr. Bennett likens the off-hand comment of “congratulations” from President Trump to the Russian leader as “shaking hands with Adolf.” Where was Mr. Bennett when Hillary pressed the idiotic reset button with Russia? Where was Mr. Bennett when Barack Obama went with Fidel Castro to a baseball game? Was that not “shaking hands with the devil?”

As for the supposed verifiable “good deal” regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal, where does Ms. Hennedy get her news? Israel was extremely outspoken as to how bad this deal was (and is). We can’t go into Iran’s military sites at all, we have to give a 28-day notice before an inspector can check any other sites (sounds like enough time to remove something that shouldn’t be there), we give the Iranian leadership “billions” of dollars in cash (some of which is now in Palestine in the form of rockets going into Israel), and if anyone thinks the Iranians have stopped enriching uranium throughout this “deal” they are either unbelievably naïve or watching the Collusion News Network.

Joe Francis



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