Mike Giammarco processes emotion into song with 'Fade Away'


One of the many beautiful things about music is how it can serve as a therapeutic outlet for someone to exude what they’re feeling.

It can happen in two ways. Listening to a song that can lift your spirits, or writing one can release whatever is bothering you in hopes that someone can relate to it.

By doing the latter, Warwick musician Mike Giammarco is aiming for the former with the song “Fade Away” that came out on Feb. 18. There’s an acoustic tone that encompasses the entire track while Giammarco’s voice comes in with a bit of grit and an abundance of feeling. It’s a prime example of how a song doesn’t need a lot of amplification to get a message across.

At the time of writing “Fade Away,” Giammarco was in the middle of a tough personal time in his life. Rather than wallow in it, he decided to use the experience as a mechanism to create something that could help him and someone else.

“The song is a bit of an anomaly because it came to me almost all at once as an entirely complete idea,” he said. “I was dealing with a very tough breakup in which the total loss ended up being much greater than just the relationship itself. I wanted to write something directly confronting those very real and very relatable issues, hoping the song could not only be a help to me but also to people in a similar situation. Even though it was about something specific to me, I think it’s ambiguous enough for others to apply it to themselves. I’ve had people tell me they feel like the lyrics were written for them. That is one of the best compliments I could get as a songwriter and I believe very much in the philosophy that a song means something different to everyone who listens to it.”

Giammarco recorded the song with a friend of his at their studio located right outside of Boston. It helped him get over the breakup and close an arduous chapter in his life.

“The writing and recording of ‘Fade Away’ was a very cathartic experience for me,” he said. “Even though it was a very tough time in my life when I wrote it, the message that comes across is ‘I won’t fade away.’ Life has a lot of challenges for us but we must fight on and It makes the good times that much sweeter. I recorded it with my friend Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios in Charlestown, Massachusetts. As always, he and I work very closely to add things to enhance the mood or subtract things that aren't necessary. He really gets what my music is about and he contributed the acoustic guitar solo on the track which I absolutely loved.”

The song is one of the singles off of the album “Stairs To Nowhere” that Giammarco and Holland are currently working on together. Another single is due out in March.

People can follow Giammarco via his Facebook page, facebook.com/MFGiammarco, to stay tuned.


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