Program offering free trees to Warwick, Cranston property owners


The Rhode Island Tree Council (RITree) will launch set-back tree planting programs in two communities in April in Cranston and Warwick. This is the fifth year for Cranston in the tree-planting program and the first for Warwick.

Funded by the cities and administered by RITree, the program plants saplings on private property free of charge to property owners, beautifying the owner’s property, increasing the city’s shade canopy, and enhancing the property’s value. Research shows that trees add 7 percent to 25 percent to a property’s value just by being present. 

Cranston and Warwick residents can apply to the shade tree program by downloading an application form from RITree’s website ( For more information about the program, residents can call RITree at 764-5885 or by emailing the organization for an application form.

“Our tree planting program is a win-win for homeowners and municipalities," John Campanini, technical director, RI Tree Council said in a statement.

"Homeowners get an all native large growing shade tree in their front yard while the city gets to improve its ecological balance sheet without increasing future maintenance costs. Meanwhile, RITree helps Rhode Island residents by administering the program.”

Saplings available through this program include red oak, tulip-tree, or sugar maple trees. Trees are between 8-10 feet tall with a 4-6 feet crown spreads. They will be furnished and planted in spring starting May 10. There is a limited number of trees for each city program; the application deadline is May 10.

Trees offer numerous benefits to cities and residents. Trees improve personal health, reduce air and noise pollution, slow soil erosion, and conserve water. Trees also save energy, modify the climate, increase economic stability, and create both plant and wildlife diversity.

The Rhode Island Tree Council is a tax-exempt, non-profit group dedicated to improving the state's tree resources and educating the public on the benefits of trees. Composed of members, consultants, and volunteers, RI Tree administers its programs through its Board of Directors, Advisors, and Trustees. The group’s mission is to create healthy urban and community forests, which underpin the state’s verdant ecological tapestry, support its vibrant economy, and enrich its residents’ lives. Membership is open to all.

For more information about RI Tree or any of its programs, contact Robin Enos, Rhode Island Tree Council at 764-5885, email RI Tree at RITree, or visit the Rhode Island Tree Council's website at


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