Start My Diet New Nutrition & Supplement Superstore in Cranston


It has been said that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” This idiom is more than just a sappy catch-phrase, it is a truism that extends to every aspect of our health, fitness, well-being and even our attitude. When we see our lives as a sum of how we live each day, we learn that when we take care of ourselves, we can live each of those days to their fullest.

It is to the realization of this goal that Rafe Mekhanjian has devoted his life. Rafe has been a health and wellness enthusiast since his youth, and now, he brings that same commitment and passion to his newly opened store, Start My Diet, right here in Cranston. This is Rafe’s second store which joins his flagship location in nearby Johnston. As a competitive power-lifter and longtime strength trainer, Rafe has devoted his career to helping others achieve a balance of health and fitness through healthy lifestyle choices and the products he sells at Start My Diet.

Visitors to this nutrition and supplement superstore will find a broad array of vitamins, minerals, supplements and meal replacements. Popular brand names sold here are Isopure®, Allmax®, Rivualus® and Aftershock®, among many others. There are also over 100 top-brand products for sale, including healthy cookies, drinks and Hank’s® protein-packed spreads. If you are looking for any supplies to complement your workouts, you will also find a full selection of accessories and clothing to choose from.

Soon, healthy shoppers will find a smoothie and fruit bar at Start My Diet, serving up fresh and power-boosting smoothies every day~ another great way to enhance your overall health and performance, whether in the workplace, the gym or your home.

Rafe is also an experienced Nutrition & Training Specialist who, along with helping build effective regiments for other health seekers, customizes meals to maximize the potential of nutrition supplements. Beyond the counseling he gives to novice and veteran users of nutrition and supplement products, Rafe does metabolism testing, body fat analysis and even contest preparation for those training for competitions. His years both in the gym and the field of health have more than equipped him to help anyone striving for a healthier lifestyle.

All the products sold at Start My Diet are competitively priced; in many cases, they are better than wholesale. Rafe knows every product he sells at his well-stocked stores and has made sure they are affordable to his many loyal customers.

Loyalty is important to Rafe Mekhanjian, so he has introduced a “Loyalty Card” for his customers where they can accrue points with each purchase, yielding special rewards. Check it out today!

Start My Diet is located at 1083 Park Avenue, Unit 1. Hours are Mon.~ Fri., 11am~ 6:30pm, Sat. 11am~4:30pm, Sun., noon~4:00pm. Call 401-270-7798 or 401-632-9326 or find them at, facebook® and Instagram®. Another great feature ~ FREE DELIVERY!


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