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* * ½

(Trite plot/interesting protagonist)

The only thing that this sequel has going for it is Denzel Washington as ex-Marine sniper Robert McCall. It helps if you know the backstory, which is periodically brought up in between the violence and chase scenes.

Before the credits we find McCall on a train in Turkey, where he wipes out a gang of kidnappers. Look closely and quickly at the credited "Grandmother on the Train" and you will see Trinity's Phyllis Kay.

McCall has moved to a housing project in Boston, where he earns a living as a LYFT driver. In a series of endless events, the violent killer spends his time saving women and children and killing and maiming bad guys.

After it is emphasized that McCall wants to save the world one bad guy at a time and is really a very compassionate and loving man, we finally get down to the main plot. One of his few friends is killed (violently of course). An agent and his wife are violently killed. Are they connected?

McCall reaches out to his former partner, who thought he was dead, in an attempt to solve the murders. Things get complicated, leading to one big twist and one long gun battle in the middle of a Massachusetts hurricane.

As expected, it all comes down to McCall and the perpetrator fighting to the end. To try to make the plot more interesting, the writers include the teenage boy that McCall is trying to save from a life of crime.

If it weren't for Denzel, the movie would be a complete bomb.

Rated R with lots of violence and profanity.


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