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On one hand, you can see more in one day in RI than you can in one week in most other areas of the country. The condensed nature of the state makes it very attractive culturally, historically, artistically, and recreationally for someone with limited time to explore.

That said, let's talk about "cost of gas and tolls, quality of roads..." RI's state gas tax is presently 32% higher than the average of the six New England states, and second only to Connecticut. With this excessive cost, one might surmise that roads are in good condition and well maintained. In fact, it is the opposite, and yet another example of how Rhode Islanders blindly pay taxes in order to fund services that remain sub-par, at best. Excessive gas taxes in exchange for bad roads. High property taxes in exchange for schools that fail two-thirds of it's students. Which specific state services do Rhode Islanders receive as a function of paying a state income and sales tax that residents of NH do not receive as a function of paying neither a sales or income tax? RI is a beautiful state with some breathtaking natural resources. But it's citizens need to wake up to it's confiscatory system of taxation in exchange for deplorable public services.

From: RI ranked worst state for a road trip, but commerce data disagrees

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