Briarcliffe Gardens

A State-of-the-Art Memory Care Assisted Living Residence


 The early autumn sun pours through the skylights of the spacious common areas at Briarcliffe Gardens, casting a warm glow on the residents below.  The residents of this busy memory-care Assisted Living Residence have gathered here for a day of socialization, activity and routines that are a part of their daily lives.  This room, with a large stone fireplace as its centerpiece, is where they come to pass the time surrounded by attentive caregivers and staff who have devoted themselves to the care and nurturing of those for whom memories of days gone by have faded, and life has taken on a new meaning.

Beyond this casual and welcoming gathering space, there are many other features of this state-of-the-art memory care residence in Johnston that have been implemented to make life more comfortable for its many residents. One such thing includes upholstered “rocking” armchairs!  Residents can sink into these chairs and gently rock or swivel, creating soothing and calming effects.  Research has shown that these “rocking chairs” have many significant health-promoting benefits, especially for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory-related conditions.

According to a study conducted at the University of Rochester, “Rocking Chair Therapy” reveals an increase in the “psychological well-being of nursing home residents with severe forms of dementia.”  The study suggests that rocking causes a “release of endorphins that elevate the mood of these patients, in addition to relieving pain.”  The author of the study affirms that rocking has long been known to soothe infants, and it seems to provide the same therapeutic benefit for adults.

Some of the other known benefits of rocking include the reduction of anxiety and depression in seniors.  The University of Rochester explains that this reduction also “reduces the need for medications that treat anxiety and depression, thus mitigating any of their debilitating side effects.”  The motion of rocking has also been shown to stimulate the body to maintain balance which is useful for older individuals who face the increased risk of injury by falling.

These chairs, which are designed to be wider-than-average for safety reasons, and brightly-colored for easier recognition, represent Briarcliffe’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of its residents and to enriching, nurturing and fostering the highest quality of life.  This philosophy is, and always has been, what sets the Briarcliffe “family” above the rest.

If you or a family member are considering a possible long-term stay for a loved one who suffers from health concerns like Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia, Briarcliffe Gardens offers so much more than exceptional care. It exemplifies everything that a memory-care residence should be ~and can be ~ in this modern age.

Schedule your personal tour of Briarcliffe Gardens, located on a quiet and wooded campus on Old Pocasset Road in Johnston.  Call the Admission’s office at 401-944-2450, ext. 202.  For more information, you can many questions answered by visiting them at   


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