Donna Zarrella

Advertising Manager at Beacon Communications


If there is anything that Donna Zarrella knows, it is that relationships are important, and that people matter.  Donna Zarrella is the Advertising Manager at Beacon Communications, a longstanding publishing company in Rhode Island.  Over the course of her illustrious career, Zarrella has built enduring relationships with her colleagues, clients, and co-workers ~ and it is the time and effort she has put into these relationships that have earned her the irrefutable reputation she enjoys now in this ever-changing business.   The people in her life ~ both those within her professional circle and her close friends and family ~ are what have kept Donna going through times of personal trial…. and times of great success. 

Zarrella, who was promoted to Advertising Manager at Beacon Communications in April of 2019, has been in the marketing and sales world for most of her professional life.  Though she held many jobs in her younger years and while she raised her two children, David and Danielle, her real career began as the Marketing Director of the Lincoln Mall, followed by a tenure as the Marketing Director of Garden City Center.  When she hit a crossroad in her career in 2004, she serendipitously met Richard Fleischer, Beacon Communications’ former General Manager. It didn’t take long for Fleischer to recognize Zarrella’s many talents and what her years of experience could bring to this Rhode Island mainstay.

From 2004 until today, Zarrella remains a true beacon of light at this publishing company.  Having worked in management, marketing, and media sales for as long as she has, there was little wisdom and knowledge she couldn’t contribute.  Over those years of accumulated experience, Zarrella learned what made people on both sides of the “sales” job successful, and she has emulated those qualities in her own professional associations.  Dependability, integrity, sincerity, decisiveness, approachability, directness, passion for your product and good old-fashioned friendliness are all attributes Zarrella embodies.

Since taking over the managerial helm in April of 2019, Zarrella has been committed to building the team at Beacon Communications whose reach includes the Cranston Herald, the Warwick Beacon, the Johnston SunRise and The Reminder, among many other publications.  When Beacon Communications purchased the Coventry-based Reminder in 2018, Zarrella was promoted to the Manager of Operations there. The Reminder is a weekly publication that has been serving its community for over 65 years.  Today, in the role of Advertising Manager, she continues to focus on building the ever-important relationships within the two teams at Beacon Communications, but also on those in the business communities which are so important to the survival of news publications everywhere.

Donna would like to extend her gratitude to all the readers and businesses who are invested in these papers.  Donna Zarrella can be reached at or at 401-732-3100.


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