Janice York Torilli

Sales Consultant for the Cranston Herald


Janice York Torilli has been a dedicated member of the staff of Beacon Communications for over 30 years. Janice, with her quiet confidence, professionalism and calm manner, is an invaluable member of the team at this longstanding, Warwick-based company.

Jan began her career at Beacon Communications in 1987 where she started in the paper’s Circulation Department.  While here, Jan coordinated the efforts of the carriers and helped organize their individual paper routes.  Among those carriers were Jan’s two young sons, Vinnie and Michael.  This worked out well for Jan who had always put the needs of her children above her own.  This devotion to family holds as true today for Jan and her four grandchildren, ages two to ten, as it did when she first re-entered the working world.

            Growing up in Watertown, Massachusetts, Jan was the oldest child in a large family. As a caregiver to her younger siblings, she learned timeless lessons, ones which remain with her to this day. She learned the love of family, the value of hard work and the ability to work alongside people of all walks of life.  When Jan graduated from high school, she went right to work at the television production company of WGBH ~ beginning at the bottom rung of the ladder. She worked hard. Life eventually took Jan to Rhode Island where, after a chance meeting with the Beacon’s editor John Howell, she was hired by the paper.

            As the years passed by, Jan moved up in the ranks at the Beacon.  She worked in Bookkeeping and then back to Circulation. She moved into selling advertisements for the Classified section until many years later when a position opened in the Sales office.  That was over twenty years ago!  Now, looking back, Janice can see how every decision, every hour of work, and every relationship forged prepared her for her job as a Sales Consultant for the Cranston Herald.

            Today, Jan is as busy as ever helping advertisers throughout the city get the word out about their businesses.  She is a huge fan of this local, weekly paper and sees the great exposure it gives to businesses, large and small.  Over the years, Jan has created strong bonds with her clients, many of whom have been advertising in the Herald for almost as long as she has been there.

            There are countless advertising options in this hometown paper.  Jan can help you find the best way to stretch your advertising dollars, from small business-card size ads to full page ads. She is quick to remind advertisers about the paper’s “monthly feature” sections. There is always something going on, from Back-to-School to Fall Activities to a cookbook special feature.  Let Janice Torilli show you the way!  You can be confident that she will use all those years of sales experience to your advantage.

            Call Janice Torilli at 401-732-3100, ext. 213 ~ she is standing “at the ready” to get your business noticed this fall.


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