What has been a bleak fiscal picture for the state recently grew a bit brighter.

Word came on Friday that revenue projections are running significantly higher than anticipated, to the tune of $107 million in additional funding for the current year and $37 million more for the coming year. The biggest jumps were seen in …

There are those who suggest our nation’s shameful legacy of racism and discrimination … More
The debate over the proposed construction of a new ballpark in Providence, we recently … More
For decades, the Pawtucket Red Sox have been a summer staple in the Ocean State. The … More
It says much about Lincoln Chafee’s chances in the 2016 presidential race – and his … More
Last week, in a Providence courtroom, an agreement was formally announced that would … More
Editorial Cartoon
Return to First Principles
Steve Frias
Cranston Chatter
Meri R. Kennedy
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Bea Lanzi
It has often been said that Rhode Island is like one big family. Because Rhode Island is … More
By ROBERT HOUGHTALING As a child I can remember folks like Malcolm X and Martin … More
Many Rhode Islanders know that spring has officially arrived upon hearing the piercing … More
“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The … More
How large of a U-Haul truck would one need to successfully move a farm? Yes, a farm … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

The pathetic fanaticism of N.E. Pats supporters in the form of their undying fealty to their hero, Tom Brady, in the face of his obvious implication in the recent Patriots cheating scandal is reminiscent of the mother of convicted former Pats player, Aaron Hernandez. Throughout his trial on the murder of …

To the Editor: Much has been written in the paper of the Providence Journal and this … More
To the Editor: If you’re trying to stop gun violence, why is it still on the … More
To the Editor: The chickens have come home to roost!  When Rhode Island voters … More
To the Editor: Now that the weather has broken (hopefully, fingers crossed and knock … More
To the Editor: I want to express my concern that the legislature may once again follow … More
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