RI’s moment on the big stage

As we write this week, voters are going to the polls. By the time of publication, the results of the Rhode Island presidential primary – barring a razor-thin margin or other unexpected issue – …

Calling for a closer eye to condition of city’s roads

To the Editor: As members of the City Council, we are asking that the administration monitor the major utilities’ work on city roads. We are displeased with the condition of roads throughout …

Why John Kasich

To the Editor: John Kasich should be the overwhelming choice of not only Republicans but also all Americans as their candidate for President of the United States. He has served superbly in the U.S. Congress and on the executive level as governor of Ohio.

The circus is in town

Old and young, everybody loves the pageantry of the circus –although in this year’s presidential race we are witnessing a circus whose performers are sub-par. By the time of the publication of …


Word ‘domestic’ doesn’t diminish damage of violence

To the Editor: One of the arguments domestic abusers and gun right advocates use against removing guns is that it’s their property and right. H7243 and H7575 have a different perspective and …

The two Ginas

Gina Marie Raimondo is increasingly becoming a conundrum. Nationally, she is viewed as a wonder-woman. In article after article, national periodicals hold Gina in glowing regard as a magician of a …

Instant-runoff voting would invigorate election process

Rhode Island has experienced something very unfortunate. For two elections, in a row, we are represented by a Governor for whom a majority of Rhode Island voters have voted against. Instant-runoff voting (or IRV) is a voting system used for