Rhode Island’s roadways – particularly its bridges – desperately need repair. That is beyond dispute.

How to go about addressing what has become a dire situation, however, remains very much unsettled. And lawmakers may adjourn this week from their current session without deciding upon a course of …

For 50 years, Gaspee Days festivities have brought the community together to celebrate … More
For 50 years, Gaspee Days festivities have brought the community together to celebrate … More
By STEPHANIE SANTORO We’re in the midst of a shift in the way we approach health and … More
Now well removed from a brutal winter and with the official start of summer just weeks … More
Openness. Inclusiveness. Transparency. Trust. Integrity. Fairness. When we consider the … More
Editorial Cartoon
Return to First Principles
Steve Frias
Cranston Chatter
Meri R. Kennedy
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Bea Lanzi
The beauty of our state is unbounded – from the sparking beaches of Newport and … More
It has often been said that Rhode Island is like one big family. Because Rhode Island is … More
By ROBERT HOUGHTALING As a child I can remember folks like Malcolm X and Martin … More
Many Rhode Islanders know that spring has officially arrived upon hearing the piercing … More
“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Jimmy Fund Golf presented by DraftKings extends its sincerest thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the Nancy Strong Golf Tournament held on June 14 at the Cranston Country Club in Cranston. Special recognition and appreciation goes to Ryan and Pam Duffy of Attleboro Falls, Mass., and the committee who …

To the Editor: In my place of knowing, I see this vessel we inhabit, the “Ocean … More
To the Editor: The budget prepared by Mayor Fung for the coming year is well on its … More
To the Editor: House Speaker Mattiello’s stadium consultant, Andrew Zimbalist, in a … More
To the Editor: Do you really believe we are all equal before the law? Do you really … More
To the Editor: The pathetic fanaticism of N.E. Pats supporters in the form of their … More
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