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Little of substance

To the Editor:

There were many who perceived the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 as a threshold of hope opening into a new era of unlimited possibilities. Touted as young and brilliant, Obama was marketed during the campaign as uniquely talented and skilled. However, in reality Mr. Obama has proven himself to be administratively incompetent. His glaring lack of knowledge concerning the abysmal rollout of his signature program, the Affordable Care Act, is typical of a chief executive who has relegated too many of his responsibilities. For a president to state he found out about the problems with healthcare.gov through press reports demonstrates how far removed Mr. Obama is from the real work of government. Not dissimilar to the reigning Queen of England, Mr. Obama delivers fine rhetorical speeches that evoke positive emotion in some, yet say nothing of substance. Furthermore, his petty, juvenile intractability regarding his unwillingness to negotiate the modification of Obamacare has stalemated any legislative progress concerning the budget, debt ceiling and deficit spending. Moreover, his condescending and idiosyncratic attitudes about working with key members of Congress to move forward toward consensus have stymied the ability of government to accomplish anything constructive. If America is to move forward, its sitting president must find some humility, then renegotiate the grossly unpopular Obamacare program and tackle the pressing financial issues that threaten our nation's long-term existence. Perhaps then we all will realize his supposed promise as a leader.


Christopher Curran

West Warwick

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First of all the Health care act was passed.Those key members of Congress are listening to a few members of the Tea Party who ran for office like Cruz with the intent to do away with Obama care.We need affordable Health Care in this Country and this President took it on and did it.The system has problems for sure but in my memory what President didn`t have Problems while in Office.

As far as Obama Care being grossly unpopular (sounds like another Bougus Fox News Survey)time will tell.

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