An $11 billion gift


To the Editor:
Re: Israel Fact No. 1: According to The Times of Israel, July 26, 2018, “Israel looks at massive military aircraft purchase from U.S. firm Boeing: $11 billion deal, to be paid from U.S. military aid, would replace outdated transport helicopters and refueling planes, add a squadron of stealthier F-15s to Air Force arsenal” Free and postage paid.
Fact No. 2: According to The Times of Israel, Dec. 13, 2013 only 7% of the land in Israel is privately owned (4% by Jews and 3% by Arabs). Ninety-three percent of the land is owned either by the State of Israel (80%) or by the Jewish National Fund (13%). The abolition of private property is the dream of socialism and is well established in Israel.
Fact No. 3: According to the IMF 2017 per capita income as portion of GDP, Israel ranks 20 in the world and her per capita income exceeds France (21), Great Britain (22) and Japan (23). Do we give $11 billion to these countries?
To put all this into perspective, the Rhode Island state budget for 2018 is $9.6 billion. Imagine if we could get Uncle Sam to pay all RI expenses; we would not need these offensive gantries, state taxes and fees. Of course, our fearless politicians won’t touch any of this because they only want to be reelected.
Tragically, Christians of many stripes have been duped into thinking that the current Israel in the Middle East is a restoration of biblical Israel, eclipsing the wonderful truth that by faith in Christ (not by deed or tribe), God dwells now within the hearts of his people, the Israel of God, and not in the stone temple and system in Jerusalem that was subject to corruption and which was made desolate by the return of Christ in 70AD.

Erik Thorp


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Perhaps you don't care, Erik, that Israel is the lone democracy in the middle east? That alone is worth 11 billion. We spend more on aid to countries around the world whose leaders steal vast portions and let their children starve. Israel is also surrounded by enemies that wish her wiped from the map. Erik, Egypt, the Palestinians, and Jordan all receive US aid. Did you know that?

Lastly, if the US gave RI 11 billion dollars, next year the state would be 12 billion in debt.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018