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(Colorful, charming cartoon feature)

Disney/Pixar has come up with a winner, a cartoon feature that will delight people of all ages.

The lively story centers around Miguel, a charming Mexican boy who wants to be a musician like his famous great-great-grandfather. His family will not allow him to even mention the word in their multi-generational household. Great-great-grandfather abandoned his family for the riches and glory of becoming a star.

The family wants Miguel to join their shoe-making business, but the boy "borrows" his ancestor's guitar from his mausoleum and "crosses over" into the Land of the Dead on the Day of the Dead.

The story is quite involved, and parents may have to explain some of the details to the younger children as Miguel discovers his deceased relatives, with the help of a dog and a mysterious character named Hector.

Miguel eventually discovers the truth about his great-great-grandfather, and we learn why the movie is named Coco.

Coco is filled with bright colors, interesting characters, lively music and dance, humor and an important message about family. The real world and the world of the dead (Los Muertos) come together, as we learn that the relatives who have crossed over the bridge need to be remembered to continue on to the Land of the Dead. That is why their photos are needed to remind their families of them.

There is one beautiful song at the end, "Remember Me,” that should be an Oscar nominee, as should the movie.

In spite of its theme, Coco is upbeat, inspirational and filled with good messages for adults and parents, without ever being maudlin. There is a rather long short before the hour and 50-minute feature starring Olaf the Snowman from "Frozen" that is all about Christmas traditions.

Rated PG. Bring the family, from great-grandparents to young tykes.


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