Cutting taxes best incentive to bring people to RI


To the Editor:
The Providence Journal’s first page story of March 30 reading “Bill would offer $10,000 to woo new residents to R.I., save congressional seat” is another example of the diminished competence of the legislature.
Reading further “The brainchild of Rep. Carlos Tobon, D-Pawtucket, the Qualified Family Migration to Rhode Island Act would, if passed, dangle cash – $833.33 per month up to $10,000 – to middle-class American families willing to become Rhode Islanders for a year.” There is no merit to this proposal what so ever. It’s obvious that Rep. Tobon, indicative of the Rhode Island Legislature, has no knowledge of economics except for methods to bleed the taxpayers.
Anyone dumb enough to accept the absurd offer would incur a financial disaster. Consider conservative transportation costs to the Boston area, at 80 miles round trip, or 400 miles per week with 20,800 annual miles, using a rate of $.545 per mile (Gov. allowed rate (probably not equal to actual cost) would total $11,336. In addition there are numerous associated relocation costs such as Rhode Island re-registration, sales taxes, and ad infinitum.
An objective of increasing population in order to retain national representation, would be more easily achieved by cutting taxes and regulations. Of course this won’t do as it might tip the demographics if favor of Republicans; certainly no goal of a Democrat hack. Can Rep, Tobon explain why people left? Not likely. However a loss of one representative seat might be a good thing, for both Rhode Island and the nation, considering the past performance of the Rhode Island Delegation. How has that fourth vote ever helped?
For eight years the Rhode Island Democrat delegation supported Obama as he proceeded to dismantle America in his quest to “fundamentally change the country”. Support included a Military dismantling, Benghazi, Russian Uranium Steal, the Iran Deal, Open Borders, ill treatment of ally Israel and carte blanche to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Chinese Pacific Expansion.
Preceding and following the election, the Tarnished Team of Four leveled constant attacks on the positive actions of President Trump including his Tax Cuts and foreign policy. Daily revelations about the collusion of Obama’s Justice Department, FBI cover-ups, fabricated Trump stories and efforts to throw the election to Clinton all demonstrate that a lost vote from an underhanded Democrat Delusional Delegation would be a good thing for the country and Rhode Island.

C. Christopher Sirr


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Dear C. Christopher Sirr,

You are a smart person. You realize that increased-taxes fend people away from Rhode Island and lowered-taxes attracts them. You also understand that more taxpayers equals more "total-tax-revenue". I wish more Warwick citizens understood that. Here in Warwick Mayor Avedisian increased taxes for 17 years in a row. As a result, Warwick lost 5,800 taxpayers.(according to the U.S. Census) In the meantime Cranston LOWERED TAXES and as a result increased their population of taxpayers making their total tax revenue go UP!

In 2006, then Governor of Florida Charlie Crist, raised taxes by $500,000,000. Florida lost 832,000 jobs as a direct result. In 2011 Rick Scott became the new Governor, lowered taxes by $500,000,000 and jobs increased by 600,000 as a direct result. Those 600,000 new jobs brought in much more tax revenue than the tax cuts cost!

To lower taxes actually increases total tax revenue because it brings in so many more taxpayers!!

That is why I have campaigned to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending". It worked in Florida and it will work here in Warwick.

Happy Spring C. Christopher Sirr.

Happy Spring everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mr. Corrente,

I am not one of those with a bone to pick with you, but truly would like you to be specific. That is, which taxes would you endorse cutting? State income tax? State sales tax? State gas tax? Capital gains? Estate? And by how much? Bribing people to come to RI is a non-starter. Making the state more business and tax friendly makes sense. So...?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018