Electorate smart enough to understand liberal, conservative slants


To the Editor:

A major newspaper writer, Patrick Anderson, wrote an April 21 article that reveals a non-flattering portrait of Lt. Gov. Dan McKee. 

McGee rants about a supposed conservative group, Gaspee that opposes his opponent Aaron Regunberg. A good bet is that most Rhode Islanders know little of Regunberg and less of Gaspee. However, Rhode Islanders know when a politician is arrogant and condescending and that surprisingly is McKee when he opts to shut down debate and banish those with a different opinion from our state. If a group wants babies born and not discarded (our ultimate disgrace), if they want truth about gun safety and not frantic political condemnation of all responsible gun owners.

If they want the word illegal to mean exactly that, 

If they want secure borders, and if they are opposed to men using the ladies room, then that is their right and not

McGee's hyperbole that they are meddling in elections.

Most Americans are wise to the liberal/progressive agenda and they reject it. They are aware of the partiality, omissions and liberal slant in the media.

They are also aware of the liberal/progressive campaign against all things traditional and conservative. They are outraged that free speech is denied to individuals and groups, including the harassment and physical threats to speakers such as David Horowitz (liberal, now conservative). They are angry that liberal judges do not deport illegals that commit felonies.  And they are angry that colleges and universities are grossly overloaded with liberal/progressives who are indoctrinating their children. But most of all they are offended by too many politicians assuming a persona of superiority and intellectual snobbery when in fact many of them are shallow, blundering, and disingenuous…and infuriatingly forget they serve us.

Sam Parente



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Sam - Speak for yourself please.

"Most Americans are wise to the liberal/progressive agenda and they reject it. They are aware of the partiality, omissions and liberal slant in the media."

Which "Most Americans" are you speaking for? Only the Conservatives?

Nothing ticks me off more than someone speaking on behalf of anyone, let alone the sheer magnitude that MOST Americans reject the liberal/progressive agenda. I guess you want to gloss over the fact that there is indeed two parties in this country.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A few questions for RI voters:

1. What is the proper and appropriate role of government in a free society?

2. For what are RI taxpayers paying RI taxes?

3. And a question to which I have yet to receive a cogent response: What state services are RI taxpayers receiving as a function of paying RI state income and state sales taxes, that residents of New Hampshire are NOT receiving as a function of NOT paying these taxes?

RI taxpayers may wish to think long and hard on #3, given that both the state income tax (1% in 1947) and state sales tax (1971) were both introduced as "temporary" measures to RI's lemming electorate.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

RI is owned by special interest groups. The reason why this state cannot move forward and blossom as other neighboring states have is we are mired in our own corruption. Seasons change, politicians change, administrations change. Our own greed is the only thing that hasn't changed. The party affiliation isn't the problem.

Monday, May 7, 2018

@Sam Parente I agree with the heart of your column just change "liberal" to "leftist". It may have been Jefferson that said and I paraphrase "If it doesn't break my leg or pick my pocket, do as you wish".

@John Stark 1. The role of Government in our free society should be to protect individual rights. To do that I do think basic education, emergency services, fire, rescue and police and infrastructure. Social programs should be left to churches and civic groups.

2. See above.

3. Not many and those that we do, not well.

@Kammy Everyone is a special interest group and has a Right to tell their Government what they think. What we don't have is too many politicians in this for the power and not to serve the People. When there is a bribe of a politician I don't think it's the briber that should be prosecuted, its the Government official that should be strong enough to refuse. If they're not they need to step down. See my 1st answer to John Stark.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018