Gun control application issues


To the Editor:

The process to begin the purchase of a firearm is filling out form ATF-E form 4473. This is a mandatory form and is perfect for those who fill them out correctly, but how about those who lie?

Well, lying is a federal offense, but at the time of purchase they may not understand the consequences.

So, for all the tragedies occurring in society, we need to check their applications. I bet most of them lied to buy their guns. There is one federal ID check run, but no psychological or medical information needed if you answer accordingly.

So intern, medical records and drug testing need to be implemented. The only problem becomes HIPAA.

This is a big red flag and until our laws are changed, problems will continue.

Louis Spremulli



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Mr. Spremulli at what time are you good with putting your health records into the public eye? Maybe we can start with your records and go from there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018