We need a purge of all voting rolls


To the Editor:
Neatly tucked away on page 11 of the April 4 Providence Journal, the headline proclaims “R.I., others sue U.S over census question.” The reasoning, according to A.G. Kilmartin, is “Our Founding Fathers were clear when they wrote in our Constitution that the decennial census be an ‘actual Enumeration’ to ensure that every man, woman and child …be properly counted. Such a count ensures equal representation in our House of Representatives, determines our influence in presidential elections, and dictates our share of federal funding for many programs in which our state and residents rely upon.”
Therefore, the AG is claiming the absence of specific language stipulating that census forms include the question, “Are You a Citizen?” makes its addition unconstitutional. The suit is an acknowledged quest to ensure Rhode Island does not lose population, a house seat and federal funds. The theory being that either legal or illegal aliens might be fearful of acknowledging existence, thus resulting in lost federal funding.
The AG needs to answer the following questions:
What is Rhode Island’s total cost for the suit?
Is contract legal service expected?
Where in the Constitution is it stated that any aliens should be counted to ensure equal representation in our House of Representatives?
The census asks other questions other than enumeration; do you equally object to them?
Regarding the AG’s concern that for counting legal or illegal aliens in order to ensure “equal representation,” the citizens of Rhode Island should be demanding that we get equal representation at the polls this year. This can only be accomplished by demanding a statewide purge of all voting rolls and a re-registration of citizens. If there are no irregularities, as previously claimed, then there should be no objection to a full certification.

C. Christopher Sirr


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It is unseemly when this AG makes arguments that have no basis in law. This is not the first time he has done so. you would think an AG, the highest law enforcement officer, would take a dimmer view of illegal aliens as they are ILLEGAL.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018