Charlestown's Gen. Stanton Inn Flea Market Celebrates Independence Day Sunday July 4

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"We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it." ~William Faulkner

As we all celebrate our country's birthday this Sunday, July 4th (245 years!), our thoughts turn to Independence, Liberty...and Flea Markets.... (Say what, now?!)

Yes, on this most American of all days, we realize that a Flea Market represents a celebration of independence.

"Most Flea Market sellers are just a little more independent than the average guy," (ED: and gal!), noted Jordan Cooper in his 1988 "Guide To Swap Meet Selling".

We believe this spirit of independence extends to Flea Market visitors, as well. Visitors enjoy becoming Flea Market customers, since they often have the freedom to directly bargain, rather than settle for fixed store prices.
Flea Markets are a popular alternative to traditional shopping, as they offer unique items, unexpected merchandise and vintage and antique goods that carry on important aspects of American culture.

Flea Markets are usually prized for a more personal shopping experience. They are a place where face-to-face friendships are made and communities are built. The treasure-hunting aspect of the Flea seems to be a perfect match for the American
spirit of adventure.

Flea Markets, by their traditional definition, give new life to old goods, providing environmentalists a unique way to practice "green consumption"-- and a fun place to reuse, recycle and repurpose.

Flea Markets have been thriving in our country since colonial days, as places of inclusion. They furnished newly-arrived immigrants with a place to find economic and social opportunities, not easily accessible to them elsewhere. Immigrants could live out their own version of the American Dream, by making money at their neighborhood Flea Markets, then by starting their own businesses, and ultimately establishing a place for themselves in the greater American society.

In the 1950s and 60s, Flea Markets were "reinvented" by antiques dealers, as mostly open-air markets for antiques and collectibles. Occupying drive-ins, parking lots and great open fields like the tree-lined space at The Gen. Stanton Inn Flea Market (est. 1965), Flea Markets became a place to preserve and pass on American history
and heritage.

Flea Markets like Charlestown's, continue to act as incubators for entrepreneurs. They are one of the few (off-line) opportunities available, for an independent-minded person to start a business, without a large layout of money and long-term contracts
and commitments.

Today in America, Flea Markets represent
1 million vendors and 100 million shoppers. Long may our many Flea Market flags--and our one American flag--wave!


Vendors are wanted NOW for Sundays-only sales, at this General Stanton Inn Outdoor Flea Market in Charlestown.
10' x 20' spaces are just $25.-$35. per day, depending on location (tarped and non-tarped spaces are available.) Vendors are also welcome to bring their own pop-up tents. Vendors can leave their vehicle at their booths all day, for ease in loading and accessing extra merchandise.

The General Stanton Inn Flea Market is now celebrating its' 56th Season. It's the oldest, continually-running Flea Market in Rhode Island. Vendors in the following categories are wanted to join already returning vendors,
to expand the 2021 Market: antiques, collectibles, art, crafts, jewelry, new merch., small-batch edibles, Farmers' Market goods and Food Trucks. Vendors hours are 7 a.m.-3 p.m., every Sunday through October 10.

Thanks to its' coastal, Charlestown location, (with 3 of R.I.'s finest beaches in town), this Flea Market is also known as "The Flea By The Sea" and is especially treasured for its' nautical antiques. Visitors can have fun at the Flea...and fun at the beach, all in a
Summer's Day!

Please call Inn and Flea Market Owner, Janice Falcone, for further information and/or to reserve space: 401-364-1818


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