The undersigned City Treasurer and Collector of Taxes for the City of Cranston hereby gives notice that he will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, in the Cranston High School East Auditorium 899 Park Ave. Cranston, RI 02910 on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 4:00 PM the following described parcels of real estate (for the levy upon which notice is hereby given) or so much as may be necessary to pay the taxes and assessments which constitute an lien thereof assessed December 31, 2020 and/or in prior years together with the costs and charges incident to the sale.

Each of the following described parcels will be sold for the payment of the taxes assessed December 31, 2020 and/or as to certain said parcels for the taxes assessed in prior years and/or the sewer charges and/or the curbing assessments and/or the water installation assessments and /or the pre-treatment assessments.

Information as to the nature of the said taxes and assessments and the amounts due on the several parcels may be obtained from the undersigned and will be announced at the time of the sale.

For a more particular description of said estates, reference is made to the record and plats and lots in the Tax Assessors’s Office of said City.

David A. Capuano
City Treasurer

Tax-Sale-No               Plat-Lot                        Name

TS_2022_3              001-0243-000           MINTER DWIGHT W

TS_2022_4              001-0347-000           ST LAWRENCE BRIAN J

TS_2022_10            002-0290-000           VIERRA CHARLES

TS_2022_16            002-0527-000           WASHINGTON PARK SERVICES LLC

TS_2022_16            002-0530-000           WASHINGTON PARK SERVICES LLC

TS_2022_19            002-0700-000           ARMINGTON MANAGEMENT LLC

TS_2022_20            002-0851-003           MILLER JUDITH H TRUSTEE

TS_2022_21            002-1021-000           IRVING WENDY

TS_2022_25            002-1360-000           GONZALEZ ALEXANDER

TS_2022_26            002-1382-000           PORTE YATTA

TS_2022_28            002-1399-000           LAY LEAKHENA

TS_2022_29            002-1416-000           VALENTIN RAMON ESTATE

TS_2022_30            002-1424-000           DASILVA SANDROBENVINDO V

TS_2022_30            002-1425-000           DASILVA SANDROBENVINDO V

TS_2022_32            002-1456-000           FORBES ORVILLE M

TS_2022_34            002-1771-000           GRAZIANO JOHN V

TS_2022_36            002-1820-000           SANTOS KATHRYN

TS_2022_37            002-1842-000           GEREMIA JOHN E

TS_2022_38            002-1855-000           GONSALVES ROSEMARY

TS_2022_43            002-2043-000           ALIFONSO ELIANEL

TS_2022_43            002-2044-000           ALIFONSO ELIANEL

TS_2022_44            002-2080-000           KAINE THOMAS A

TS_2022_45            002-2130-000           CRANSTON SERVICES LLC

TS_2022_48            002-2180-000           ROTONDO RONALD 1/2

TS_2022_49            002-2190-000           OKOLOWICZ STEPHEN M

TS_2022_52            002-2289-000           MADE JAWILDA C

TS_2022_54            002-2336-000           PACHECO GILBERT L SR

TS_2022_55            002-0674-000           COBBLE HEDGE LLC

TS_2022_55            002-2397-000           COBBLE HEDGE LLC

TS_2022_56            002-2401-000           MOUTAHIR MEHDI

TS_2022_57            002-2444-000           COTE HENRY F JR

TS_2022_58            002-2477-001           ROSCITI ANTHONY

TS_2022_59            002-2520-000           CELTIC ROMAN GROUP LLC

TS_2022_64            002-2613-000           SANTUCCI BRYAN A

TS_2022_65            002-2624-000           DEJESUS ELIZABETH

TS_2022_66            002-2658-000           MERCEDES JESSICA

TS_2022_87            002-2889-000           MENDEZ YARITZA N

TS_2022_92            002-3040-000           JOYCE MARGARET ESTATE

TS_2022_94            002-3077-000           TORRES YASMIN A

TS_2022_95            002-3087-000           TURNER WAYNE M

TS_2022_96            002-3097-000           MANGASARIAN MICHAEL K

TS_2022_97            002-3099-000           MEDINA MICHELLE

TS_2022_98            002-3525-000           BILLINGS MATTHEW J

TS_2022_105          002-3833-000           RODRIGUEZ PATRICIA A

TS_2022_106          002-3957-000           COLUMBIA REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC

TS_2022_107          003-0286-000           WILSON JEANNETTE A

TS_2022_108          003-0319-000           PRATA JOAQUIM S & ADOZINDA A (T/E)

TS_2022_112          003-0437-000           MANCO SANDRA M

TS_2022_113          003-0447-000           SARCO DEAN

TS_2022_115          003-0989-000           IOZZI ANGELO

TS_2022_117          003-1427-000           MONTALBAN JOSE

TS_2022_118          003-1447-000           CRADDOCK STEVEN P

TS_2022_120          003-1621-000           FAELLA CHERYL L

TS_2022_122          003-1623-000           GMCD SOLUTIONS INC

TS_2022_122          003-1624-000           GMCD SOLUTIONS INC

TS_2022_122          003-1625-000           GMCD SOLUTIONS INC

TS_2022_123          003-1638-000           RICCIARDI ROBERT

TS_2022_124          003-1717-000           BEAUSOLEIL REALTY LLC

TS_2022_126          004-0055-000           GREATREX CORPORATION

TS_2022_127          004-0102-000           FIGUEROA PEDRO

TS_2022_128          004-0141-000           FIGUEROA MADELINE F

TS_2022_130          004-0218-000           VARGAS JESSICA

TS_2022_131          004-0337-000           CHUM OLIVIA MANNY

TS_2022_131          004-0340-000           CHUM OLIVIA MANNY

TS_2022_133          004-0371-000           MORALES BRYAN A

TS_2022_133          004-0373-000           MORALES BRYAN A

TS_2022_134          004-0458-000           DARKWAH OTIS GYAMFI

TS_2022_144          004-1093-000           EDGEWOOD RESTORATION LLC

TS_2022_145          004-1229-000           HUNT KEVIN A

TS_2022_149          004-1246-000           VIGEANT KERRY

TS_2022_164          004-2127-000           NORTON JOHNELL JR & NORTON CYNTHIA H TE

TS_2022_165          004-2300-000           RODRIGUEZ JOSE R

TS_2022_166          004-2480-000           SAINZ MARCIA & SAINZ LYNN MARIE JT

TS_2022_168          004-2627-000           LUTGARDA & MARIA LLC

TS_2022_170          004-2688-000           JONES JOHN & GAIL

TS_2022_171          005-0007-000           COSTANTINO EMILIO ALDO ESTATE

TS_2022_176          005-0206-000           RONG KENEDY V

TS_2022_177          005-0238-000           AHEARN BRYAN

TS_2022_178          005-0250-000           MONTENEGRO YESENIA M

TS_2022_178          005-0255-000           MONTENEGRO YESENIA M

TS_2022_180          005-0356-000           SANTOS MARIA L

TS_2022_182          005-0403-000           LIMIADI CHRISTINE C

TS_2022_184          005-0586-000           BOTELHO DEREK C

TS_2022_185          005-0683-000           MELINO MICHAEL A

TS_2022_188          005-0890-000           MERNICK KENNETH R & MERNICK LINDA TE

TS_2022_190          005-1005-000           WEISINGER DEREK

TS_2022_196          005-1619-000           PAPALIOSAS NICHOLAS

TS_2022_197          005-1657-000           YEM DANIEL

TS_2022_200          005-1849-000           CORTES CYNTHIA

TS_2022_201          005-1877-000           MARONI LISA R

TS_2022_204          005-2103-000           VELOZ MIGUEL

TS_2022_206          005-2150-000           RIBERA MICHAEL S

TS_2022_208          005-2627-000           CRUZ MAGDA E

TS_2022_209          006-0029-000           FLOR ANA I

TS_2022_210          006-0094-000           VALENTIN YISSEL E

TS_2022_211          006-0155-000           ORDONEZ JESSICA

TS_2022_213          006-0411-000           WYCHE ERIK

TS_2022_218          006-0649-000           THAYER KATHLEEN HOPE

TS_2022_222          006-0832-000           VENTURINI LAUREN E

TS_2022_223          006-1027-000           LOR NTXHW

TS_2022_224          006-1431-000           COOPER GUY A

TS_2022_226          006-1641-000           AVILA ESTEPHANY A

TS_2022_229          006-1993-000           LAWSON RHONDAL A

TS_2022_230          006-2018-000           DAWKINS KATIE

TS_2022_231          006-2081-000           RICE MARY F

TS_2022_236          006-2467-000           LARA PEDRO A CONTRERAS

TS_2022_238          006-2634-000           SILVESTRI NANCY J

TS_2022_239          006-2768-000           DALUZ MANUEL

TS_2022_240          006-2785-000           FLYNN WILLIAM F III

TS_2022_242          006-2993-000           RODRIGUEZ KATHERINE

TS_2022_243          006-2998-000           SANTANA LINDA S

TS_2022_244          006-3011-000           FERNANDES MARY C

TS_2022_246          006-3200-000           REYES CESAR N NUNEZ

TS_2022_249          007-0073-000           BURKE JOHN J

TS_2022_251          007-0237-000           ROZON CHELINDA D

TS_2022_252          007-0275-000           PEREZ GELFY A

TS_2022_253          007-0284-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_253          007-0285-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_253          007-0286-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_253          007-0287-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_253          007-0288-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_258          007-0323-000           MARTINEZ MANUEL

TS_2022_259          007-0330-000           2639 CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_262          007-0400-000           BREA RAQUEL

TS_2022_264          007-0414-000           LOPEZ ANA M

TS_2022_265          007-0422-000           HULL MATTHEW C

TS_2022_266          007-0425-000           TAYSAVANG CHITHAVONE

TS_2022_266          007-0439-000           TAYSAVANG CHITHAVONE

TS_2022_271          007-0545-000           MARSHALL BERLINE H

TS_2022_272          007-0593-000           GOLD STAR BARBERSHOP LLC

TS_2022_274          007-0685-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_277          007-0758-000           GABRIEL DOLORES J

TS_2022_277          007-0759-000           GABRIEL DOLORES J

TS_2022_278          007-0767-000           MARKEY JOHN FRANCIS

TS_2022_278          007-0768-000           MARKEY JOHN FRANCIS

TS_2022_278          007-0769-000           MARKEY JOHN FRANCIS

TS_2022_281          007-0887-000           BRAXTON ORLANDO D

TS_2022_283          007-0915-000           LOMAX TINA

TS_2022_287          007-1307-000           ALJAJEH BATOL

TS_2022_288          007-1352-000           TROMBETTI PAUL M JR

TS_2022_289          007-1362-000           PIACITELLI LOUIS J JR

TS_2022_294          007-1470-000           MACISAAC PETER

TS_2022_300          007-1675-000           MANGASARIAN MICHAEL KEITH

TS_2022_302          007-2126-000           HERNANDEZ INGRIS

TS_2022_305          007-2404-000           BURROWS STEPHEN JR

TS_2022_307          007-2476-000           ZABALA ALFREDO P

TS_2022_309          007-2552-000           JERANIAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

TS_2022_309          007-2553-000           JERANIAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

TS_2022_309          007-2554-000           JERANIAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

TS_2022_317          007-2759-000           PATRICK RYAN V

TS_2022_320          007-2773-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2022_320          007-2774-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2022_320          007-2775-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2022_326          007-2943-000           CHEBBO REALTY LLC

TS_2022_327          007-2953-000           DORLEY JEREMY

TS_2022_330          007-3075-000           ALJAJEH BATOL

TS_2022_331          007-3125-000           BARRY MELISSA A

TS_2022_332          007-3143-000           KANE TERRENCE J JR

TS_2022_333          007-3144-000           RED DOT LLC

TS_2022_334          007-3380-000           SECRETARY OF HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPEMEN

TS_2022_338          007-3503-000           LAMIRANDE COREY M

TS_2022_338          007-3504-000           LAMIRANDE COREY M

TS_2022_339          007-3520-000           DIMAS REALTY LLC

TS_2022_341          007-3525-000           ADOPTANTE DENISE L

TS_2022_341          007-3526-000           ADOPTANTE DENISE L

TS_2022_342          007-3652-000           SENG CHANTHA J

TS_2022_343          007-3661-000           WILLIAMS DAVID C

TS_2022_345          007-3664-000           COSTA DAVID

TS_2022_346          007-3692-000           DE JESUS TOSSAS LLC

TS_2022_348          007-3778-000           IORIO ANTONIETTA

TS_2022_352          007-3832-000           WARD WILLIAM JAMES

TS_2022_355          008-0105-000           IMRE MICHAEL S

TS_2022_355          008-0106-000           IMRE MICHAEL S

TS_2022_357          008-0195-000           GABHAITAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC

TS_2022_357          008-1617-000           GABHAITAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC

TS_2022_357          008-2711-000           GABHAITAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC

TS_2022_358          008-0203-000           GABHALTAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC

TS_2022_358          008-2739-000           GABHALTAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC

TS_2022_361          008-0396-000           DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY

TS_2022_363          008-0454-000           LOPEZ ELISSA

TS_2022_373          008-0759-000           PAINE JESSICA M

TS_2022_373          008-0760-000           PAINE JESSICA M

TS_2022_377          008-0857-000           GREATREX CORPORATION C/O STANDISH JOHNSO

TS_2022_378          008-0858-000           GREATREX CORPORATION C/O STANDISH JOHNSO

TS_2022_382          008-1129-000           DEJESUS LUCIA MOREL

TS_2022_384          008-1169-000           JERANIAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

TS_2022_384          008-1193-000           JERANIAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

TS_2022_384          008-1194-000           JERANIAN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP

TS_2022_391          008-1534-000           YANG NY

TS_2022_391          008-2802-000           YANG NY

TS_2022_395          008-1611-000           ST EDCO MANAGEMENT INC

TS_2022_395          008-1612-000           ST EDCO MANAGEMENT INC

TS_2022_398          008-1718-000           IMPERIAL INVESTMENTS INC

TS_2022_399          008-1771-000           POTTER ROAD TRUST

TS_2022_399          008-1782-000           POTTER ROAD TRUST

TS_2022_400          008-1772-000           ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2022_400          008-1783-000           ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2022_400          008-1784-000           ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2022_404          008-1880-000           ROWAN ROSEMARY E ESTATE

TS_2022_405          008-2188-000           SARGENT MADISON

TS_2022_410          008-2496-000           PIERRE F SAM

TS_2022_410          008-2497-000           PIERRE F SAM

TS_2022_416          008-2552-000           ARNAUD JOAN MARIE

TS_2022_419          008-2507-000           TRIPOLI STREET INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_419          008-2508-000           TRIPOLI STREET INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_419          008-2509-000           TRIPOLI STREET INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_419          008-2510-000           TRIPOLI STREET INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_419          008-2644-000           TRIPOLI STREET INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_425          009-0032-000           MERNICK KENNETH R

TS_2022_426          009-0068-002           GILMORE JUDITH M TRUSTEE

TS_2022_429          009-0145-008           TWENTY ELEVEN LLC

TS_2022_431          009-0161-000           BOUTHILLIER ROLAND

TS_2022_431          009-0162-000           BOUTHILLIER ROLAND

TS_2022_436          009-0363-000           MERNICK KENNETH R

TS_2022_438          009-0448-000           BROWN WILLIAM

TS_2022_439          009-0497-000           764 RESERVOIR AVENUE ASSOCIATES

TS_2022_440          009-0498-000           SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR RESERVOIR AVENU

TS_2022_443          009-0718-000           MORAKOTH SENGDARA

TS_2022_445          009-0756-000           KELLEY BETHANY L ESTATE

TS_2022_448          009-1004-000           RIGGIN TIMOTHY B

TS_2022_450          009-1129-000           HARRINGTON REALTY LLC

TS_2022_452          009-1194-000           HALL ROBERT

TS_2022_458          009-1886-000           FRATANTUONO JOSEPH M

TS_2022_459          009-2153-000           TRIPP MIRANDA

TS_2022_460          009-2222-000           DOWNING JAMES J & DOWNING SUZANNA LEE TE

TS_2022_461          009-2225-000           STABILE JENNIFER L

TS_2022_463          009-2459-000           SZURA CHRISTINE

TS_2022_464          009-2473-000           BRENNICK GREGORY

TS_2022_465          009-2538-000           RASPBERRY ROSA

TS_2022_466          009-2543-000           MARTIN DOROTHY DIANNE

TS_2022_467          009-2594-000           WARD ANNE L

TS_2022_468          009-2598-000           ABOURJEILY MONA

TS_2022_469          009-2651-000           SANCHEZ ALEXANDER VELEZ

TS_2022_470          009-2653-000           BLUEWATER INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2022_476          009-2936-000           SHERIDAN KATHLEEN H

TS_2022_484          010-0108-000           LYSIKATOS IRENE L

TS_2022_487          010-0282-000           CARROLL MICHAEL JOHN

TS_2022_488          010-0118-000           RODRIGUES MICHAEL

TS_2022_488          010-0671-000           RODRIGUES MICHAEL

TS_2022_491          010-1493-006           RIBERDY MARY M

TS_2022_494          011-0201-000           DAREZZO PAUL A

TS_2022_495          011-0304-000           CHHOEUN VANNAY

TS_2022_496          011-0403-000           GREEN PATRICIA

TS_2022_498          011-0649-000           STEWART MATTHEW EDWIN

TS_2022_509          011-1716-000           RAGOSTA LOUIS J

TS_2022_509          011-1717-000           RAGOSTA LOUIS J

TS_2022_513          011-1760-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2022_514          011-1764-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2022_515          011-1768-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2022_516          011-1771-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2022_519          011-1778-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2022_519          011-1779-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2022_519          011-1780-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2022_520          011-1978-000           CIMA VITTORIO

TS_2022_520          011-2508-000           CIMA VITTORIO

TS_2022_525          011-2435-000           PATI EUGENE E

TS_2022_530          011-3051-000           ALEXIS PROPERTY LLC

TS_2022_533          011-3489-000           RIHANI NATHAN A

TS_2022_536          011-4073-000           DAREZZO LAWRENCE N

TS_2022_537          012-0035-000           HINGHAM RANDY

TS_2022_538          012-0054-000           THIBAULT GEORGE V

TS_2022_539          012-0069-000           WHITED KENNETH

TS_2022_541          012-0341-000           SANDOVAL NATIVIDAD

TS_2022_544          012-0414-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2022_545          012-0417-000           SEEKONK RIVER INVESTMENT TRUST

TS_2022_548          012-0630-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2022_548          012-0637-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2022_549          012-0634-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY

TS_2022_551          012-0664-000           BLAIR MATTHEW

TS_2022_557          012-0930-000           PRUDENTE WILLIAM J

TS_2022_557          012-0931-000           PRUDENTE WILLIAM J

TS_2022_561          012-1038-000           CATALFOMO ELVERA A

TS_2022_565          012-1465-000           JOHNSON JEFFREY F

TS_2022_569          012-1528-000           BAEZ ISIDRO A

TS_2022_570          012-1553-000           ELHARIT ABDELMAJID

TS_2022_571          012-1706-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2022_580          012-2362-000           PONTE CHRISTOPHER

TS_2022_586          012-2920-000           GAUVIN RONALD J

TS_2022_588          012-3027-000           ROBERTSON JAMES ROY

TS_2022_591          012-3130-000           BROCCOLI GRAZIANO TRUST 1/2

TS_2022_596          012-3257-000           GEARON PENELOPE A

TS_2022_601          015-0858-000           BASTAN MARK T

TS_2022_602          015-0926-000           DATTILIO WILLIAM

TS_2022_603          015-0967-000           LORD SCOTT W

TS_2022_604          015-0971-000           WALDRON ERIN A

TS_2022_607          015-1086-000           ROSE MARY

TS_2022_609          015-1384-000           SOUZA NATALIE N

TS_2022_610          015-1494-000           VADNEY MICHAEL

TS_2022_612          015-1740-000           COCCILI PETER III

TS_2022_615          016-0366-000           MISTO SUSAN L

TS_2022_617          016-0967-000           HERNAEZ ANGELES

TS_2022_618          016-0990-000           SACCOCCIA DONNA M

TS_2022_619          016-1141-000           TUCKER SARA M

TS_2022_621          017-0357-000           TOUGAS BERNICE LIFE ESTATE

TS_2022_621          017-0359-000           TOUGAS BERNICE LIFE ESTATE

TS_2022_621          017-0360-000           TOUGAS BERNICE LIFE ESTATE

TS_2022_624          017-0691-000           BROCCOLI GRAZIANO TRUST 1/2

TS_2022_638          017-0832-000           BROWN JOHN

TS_2022_638          017-0833-000           BROWN JOHN

TS_2022_638          017-0834-000           BROWN JOHN

TS_2022_638          017-0835-000           BROWN JOHN

TS_2022_649          017-1564-000           AMARAL JOHN J

TS_2022_650          017-1653-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2022_651          017-1808-000           CAMPANILE CATHERINE L

TS_2022_658          018-0360-000           WATSON RICHARD JR

TS_2022_661          018-0574-000           FORTES CHRISTOPHER & WALLACE-FORTES KELL

TS_2022_666          018-1699-000           LAMANTIA MICHAEL

TS_2022_667          018-1824-000           IRISH PHYLLIS H ESTATE

TS_2022_680          023-0003-000           BUNN BEVERLY

TS_2022_685          026-0308-000           TAVARES FERNANDO

TS_2022_687          028-0005-000           LOFFREDO MICHAEL A & HOLLY D DIMUCCIO (J

TS_2022_688          028-0011-000           MOSES LAWRENCE D

TS_2022_691          028-0066-888           ACCETTA JOSEPH A & ROSALIE A

TS_2022_695          028-0237-000           SILVIO ERNEST

TS_2022_696          029-0002-000           MOSES LAWRENCE D

TS_2022_697          029-0033-000           TITUS GREGORY

TS_2022_698          029-0099-000           MOSES LAWRENCE D

TS_2022_699          030-0010-000           CITIZENS BANK NA

TS_2022_706          033-0014-000           NOTE CAPITAL GROUP INC

TS_2022_708          033-0057-000           ABBRUZZESE CAROL A

TS_2022_709          033-0082-000           PUBLICAN CAPITAL LLC

TS_2022_711          034-0014-000           DIFAZIO ALFRED

TS_2022_716          035-0203-014           ANTICK HOLDINGS LLC

TS_2022_719          035-0292-000           OWEN MICHAEL T SR

TS_2022_720          035-0397-000           MILAN CLINTON J

TS_2022_723          036-0061-012           DIMIZIO EDWARD A

TS_2022_724          036-0061-013           DIMIZIO EDWARD A

TS_2022_727          036-0123-000           HVF REALTY LLC

TS_2022_764          037-0110-000           HAMES PHYLLIS M ESTATE

TS_2022_765          037-0190-000           CALESTINO ALBERT JR

TS_2022_766          037-0485-000           YOUNG JAMES

TS_2022_767          037-0566-000           DERRICO DOMENIC JOSEPH

TS_2022_769          037-0680-000           BERLAM THOMAS W JR ESTATE


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