Date:  Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Time:  6:00 P.M.

Location:  Warwick City Hall
City Council Chambers – 2nd Floor
3275 Post Rd.
Warwick, RI  02886


II. PUBLIC HEARING - Discussion and/or action and/or vote regarding the following petitions.  The Zoning Board may approve, approve with conditions or deny the following petitions/applications, as may be modified by testimony and/or evidence presented throughout the petition’s public hearing; and/or possible vote to continue a petition’s public hearing to a date determined.


Petition #10678                  Ward 9                  4654 Post Rd.

The petition of IAG Realty, LLC, 4614 Post Rd., Warwick, RI, requests a special use   permit & a dimensional variance to enclose the existing outdoor seating area (Huck’s Filling Station) with a 27’ x 20’ atrium.  Proposed atrium having less than required side yard setback, and less than required off-street parking.  Subject property being an undersized non-conforming lot.  Assessor’s Plat 220, Lot 162, zoned General Business (GB).  ** (Please note that this is a request for an extension only.  No additional testimony will be taken.)   

Petition #10753                  Ward 9                  3880 Post Rd.

The petition of Quinlan Properties III, LLC, 3880 Post Rd., Warwick, RI, and Jeffrey M. Quinlan, 1220 Ives Rd., Warwick, RI  02818, request a dimensional variance to construct a new exterior patio to accommodate additional restaurant seating; construct a new entryway on the southeast side of the building; renovate the entrance on the west side of the building; and construct a staircase leading to the residential dwelling unit on the second floor, having less than required parking spaces, less than required size of parking spaces, and less than required aisle width,.  Assessor’s Plat 366, Lot 72, zoned General Business (GB).

Petition #10755                  Ward 5                   105 Clifton Ave.

The petition of Mark K. Albert, 105 Clifton Ave., Warwick, RI, requests a dimensional variance to convert a 20’ x 21’ rear portion of the attached garage into a new bedroom and bathroom.  Front portion will remain an existing garage.  Proposed bedroom having less than required front corner/side setback from the property line along Paine Street. Assessor’s Plat 377, Lot 278, zoned Residential A-10.

Petition #10756                  Ward 3                  2 Commerce Dr.

The petition of Dinos Stamoulis, 2 Commerce Drive, Warwick, RI, requests a dimensional variance to convert the existing car and limousine business to a warehouse to produce and store granola.  Proposed use having less than required parking spaces.  Assessor’s Plat 312, Lot 415, zoned Light Industrial (LI).

Petition #10757                  Ward 9                  78 Bradford Ave.

The petition of Abigail Alexander, 38 River Street, Cranston, RI, requests a dimensional variance to demolish the existing 1-bedroom single family dwelling to construct a new 2,100 square foot, 3-bedroom single family dwelling with an attached garage.  Proposed new dwelling having less than required rear yard setback.  Subject property having less than required lot size.  Assessor’s Plat 202, Lots 16, 17 & 18, zoned Residential A-40.

Petition #10758                  Ward 2                  441 Warwick Ave.

The petition of Kenneth Gregory, 441 Warwick Ave., Warwick, RI, requests a use variance to replace the existing free-standing sign with a new 48” x 72” LED message board free-standing sign.  Proposed sign being prohibited by the Zoning Ordinance.  Assessor’s Plat 290, Lot 111, zoned General Business (GB).

Petition #10759                  Ward 3                  815 Jefferson Blvd.

The petition of Proclamation Ales, LLC, 815 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, RI, and Bartlett Realty Inc., 815 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI, requests a special use permit to have an outdoor seating area with outdoor sales of beverages/food, with a gas fire pit, and a bocce court.  Assessor’s Plat 278, Lot 143, zoned General Industrial (GI).

Petition #10760                  Ward 6                  Oakland Beach Ave.

The petition of SG Associates, Inc., 41 Rhode Island Ave., Warwick, RI, requests a special use permit to construct a 60’ x 36’ two-story storage building, and a parking lot for passenger cars.  The petitioner is also seeking a dimensional variance from Table 2 Dimensional Regulations for having less than required rear yard setback to an open space zoning district, less than required landscaped buffers, and less than required parking lot buffers.  Assessor’s Plat 376, Lot 511, zoned General Business (GB).

III.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Discussion and/or action and/or vote regarding the following Meeting Minutes:

September 14, 2021 Appeal Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2021 Special Hearing Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
November 9, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes.



  Paul DePetrillo, Chairman

*Please be advised that the Zoning Board of Review has adopted Rules and Regulations governing the application process, submission of material, conduct of the public hearing on the application and responsibilities of an action to appeal a decision.  These Rules and regulations are posted on the City’s web site and are available for review in the Board’s office during regular hours.  All applicants and objectors are obliged to review these Rules and shall be held responsible for compliance therewith.  If there are any questions on the above petitions, please contact the Zoning Office at 401-921-9534 or by email

All inquiries must be made 24 hours in advance of said hearing. Facilities are accessible for people with disabilities.  If you are in need of interpreter services for the hearing impaired, please contact the Human Services Department at 739-9150.


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