Real Estate Transactions



4 Mountain Laurel Dr, Jenkins, Justin to Coppola 4th, Ralph A and Papa, Gianna R, 8/7, $440,000

5 Freedom Way, Mccarron, William F and Mccarron, Margaret L to Barker, Lori and Barker, Keith, 8/9, $125,000

5 Torch Ln, Rossi, John and Lait, Renee R to Costa, Leslie, 8/7, $146,000

7 Nancy St, Morris, Jacqueline and Morris, Sean to Moss Home Solutions LLC, 8/9, $200,000

9 Juniper Hill Dr, Lucille A Moran T and Magno, Mclanie A to Myette, Michael D and Mitchell, Michelle, 7/31, $620,000

9 Marie Dr, Gardner, Geoffrey D to Benoit, Miranda and Dahlin, Joshua, 7/28, $380,000

10 Amherst Ave, Perreault Jr, Gerard L and Perreault, Rhonda A to Mccombe, Zachary T, 8/1, $252,000

11 Blue Spruce Dr, Inch, William J and Inch, Esther to Mcgill, Darin and Mcgill, Janet, 8/9, $690,000

11 Dell St, Daly, Jade N to Navas, Nathaly and Rosado, Kin L, 8/1, $380,000

12 Hope View St, Grenier, Todd J and Grenier, Holly L to Lorquet, Lidege, 7/31, $355,000

13 Dixie Rd, Plante, Ronald E to Best, Jesse D and Riasati, Alisha F, 7/31, $415,000

19 Cantaberry Ln, New Phase Realty LLC to Lepore, Lisa B, 8/8, $172,000

21 Paul Sprague Dr, Anderson Sr, Timothy T and Anderson, Tammy A to Caparco, Jordan J and Maine, Amy E, 8/8, $735,000

22 Daniel Dr, Corp, David F and Corp, Jessie M to Corp, David F, 8/10, $157,325

27 Torch Ln, Baker, H J to Howard, Robert, 7/31, $90,000

30 Meredith Dr, Doherty, Sean R and Doherty, Kristin A to Rook, Courtney A, 8/10, $372,000

40 Edward St, Matteson Margaret Est and Mccarthy, Marguerite E to Oneppo, Derek and Oneppo, Denise, 7/31, $260,000

43 Ginger Trl, Denman, Mark A and Denman, Sandra J to Wasilewski, Arthur and Stone, Jillian, 7/31, $620,500

46 Cantaberry Ln, Auriza L Ruela T and Kelley, Auriza J to Brand, Brenda, 8/8, $158,000

46 Lorraine Ave, Richards, Shawn P and Richards, Lorianne to Monteiro, Joanne, 8/10, $417,994

53 Arnold Rd, Starziano, John J and Starziano, Deborah to Curry, Trenton M, 8/1, $499,900

58 Valley Crest Rd, Smith, Robin G to Smith, Kimberly, 8/7, $250,000

58 Watercress Ct, Gretton, Steven and Gretton, Clementine to Goodison, Jamie, 8/11, $768,000

61 Knotty Oak Shrs, Fraser, Hayley J to Fleming, Lucas A, 8/11, $350,000

66 Indian Trl, Studley, Lisa J to Reidl, Cody J and Stuudley, John W, 7/31, $68,000,000

87 Read Ave, Lyon Kings LLC to Perreault, Cheyenne B and Angolano, Joseph M, 8/4, $325,000

89 Colvintown Rd, Sylvestre, Sarah and Foster, Jahdeem E to Teresky, Caitlin, 7/28, $430,000

101 Johnson Blvd, Finkes, Patnera A to Lantagne, Samantha E, 7/31, $192,000

104 Knotty Oak Rd, Lovell Jr, Darryl B and Freedom Mortgage Corp to Freedom Mortgage Corp, 8/11, $256,440

114 Macarthur Blvd, Geary, Cyril G to Stearns 3rd, James H and Segerson, Beverly, 8/4, $291,000

218 Fairview Ave, Leroux Georgianna R Est and Mellon, Rita C to Abatiello Buco Prop LLC, 8/11, $250,000

225 Station St, Burrill, Carl A and Burrill, Guy L to Burrill, Spencer, 8/10, $420,000

311 Shady Valley Rd, J&s Investments LLC to Mcgreevy, Michael P, 7/27, $274,900

528 Hope Furnace Rd, Kelley Jr, Paul W and Kelley, Cathy A to Hall, Melissa B and Hansen, Bruce, 7/28, $549,900

568 Tiogue Ave, Kuipers T and Kuipers, Nancy M to Coventry Glass Co, 7/25, $310,000

581 Camp Westwood Rd, Huling, Jeffrey D and Huling, Tammy L to Robbins, Kadian, 7/28, $551,155

600 Hope Furnace Rd, Howes, Robert B and Howes, Deborah L to Howes 2nd, Robert B and Howes, Danielle, 8/7, $450,000

1072 Tiogue Ave, Cook, Matthew to Lemoi, William and Lemoi, Barbara, 8/4, $190,000

1497 Harkney Hill Rd, Salvas, Peter F and Salvas, Jean to Belmont, Diane and Rabezak, Steven, 8/1, $507,000

2298 Victory Hwy, Boccanfuso, Michael A to Mchenry, Tara L and Mchenry, Matthew K, 7/28, $755,000

6342 Flat River Rd, Lein T and Lein, Joan N to Branch, Elizabeth S and Branch, Nicholas T, 7/31, $285,000


15 Brooks St, Chickos, Stephen D to Craft, Melinda M, 8/11, $420,555

19 Furlong St, Spremulli, Anthony V and Spremulli, Joyce A to Raza, Ghulam, 8/11, $452,500

41 Leslie St, He, Yuqi and Fu, Bowen to Marizan, Luisa C and Kalif, Corey J, 8/11, $367,000

51 Meredith Dr, Capalbo, William N to Dupree, James and Dupree, Summer, 8/9, $484,900

59 Salem Ave, Pratt, Douglas E and Pratt, Colleen P to Buerman, Rosemarie and Buerman, Meghan R, 8/11, $467,500

63 Ledgewood Dr, Weissman, Brian S to Loffredo, Alyssa M, 8/8, $405,000

77 Rockwood Ave, 14 Properties LLC to Najera, Maritza, 8/7, $450,000

79 Dale Ave, Specht, John and Sabetta, Nicole to Slocum, Melissa M, 8/10, $401,000

83 Grand Ave, Rhode Island Housing & Mo to Rodriguez, Patricia A, 8/9, $1

86 Doane St, Omalley Jt and Omalley, Austin to Mejia, Jorge L and Lara, Rosmery P, 8/7, $360,000

109 Concord Ave, Ancris LLC to Deutsch, Zachary, 8/9, $405,000

213 Armington St, Mallozzi, Michele A to Burtt, Sandra, 8/11, $297,500

333 E View Ave, Caliri, Ingeborg E and Ferdinandi, Sherry E to Cavalloro, Jacob and Rouleau, Jolie, 8/7, $365,000

596 Natick Ave, Rosario V Tomaselli Lt and Tomaselli, Rosario V to Pratt, Douglas and Pratt, Colleen, 8/11, $450,000

604 Woodhaven Ct Lot 604, Trombetti, Cynthia E to Oconnor, Dylan T, 8/10, $300,000

1656 Plainfield Pike, Robert M & Catherine A Cr and Croce, Robert M to Monteiro, Clodio M and Monteiro, Iara D, 8/11, $315,000

East Greenwich

25 Franklin Rd Lot 2, River Farm Place LLC to Cooney, Caitlin, 8/8, $520,000

38 Castle St, Mahonski, Emily H to Reichert, Gary, 8/7, $369,900

40 Kent Dr, Chadwick Jr, Michael and Chadwick, Kate E to Chelo, Zackery and Zuckerman, Paige, 8/11, $800,000

61 Jefferson Dr, Kerstin U Olmstead Relt and Olmstead, Kerstin U to Depasquale, Ryan and Depasquale, Montana, 8/11, $665,000

87 Terrace Dr, Mahindrakar, Sudeep to Schlossberg, Jason E and Schlossberg, Lindsay, 8/11, $675,000

124 Maplewood Dr, Lavery, Jeffrey T and Thomas, Kali S to Matzell, Evan H and Matzell, Shelby D, 8/7, $812,000

138 Pine Glen Dr Lot 138, Whyte, Richard G to Wade, William H and Marrapodi, Michael E, 8/11, $717,500

152 Crompton Ave Lot 17, Esper, Richard E and Esper, Audra F to Evans, Constantina F, 8/11, $599,000

382 1st Ave, Schlossberg, Jason E and Simon, Lindsay to Meacham, Susan T, 8/11, $375,000


2 Short Rd, Hernandez, Juan C to Hankins, Christopher W and Hankins, Kathleen S, 8/11, $498,000


1 Pembroke Dr, Orellana, Walter A and Aquino, Roxana E to Wagnac, Marc D, 8/9, $357,500

24 Becker Ave, Sabitoni, Nancy L to Mrks, Sonia J, 8/10, $215,000

25 Cedar St, Galasso, Stephanie S and Leach, Jason D to Bolanos, Christopher and Bohorquez, Kassandra, 8/11, $350,000

37 Susan Cir, Iafrate, Thomas to Flynn-Sousa, Patricia A and Flynn, Renee M, 8/11, $385,000

54 Pine Hill Ave, Anniemac Private Equity C to Coppa, James and Coppa, Betsy, 8/9, $450,000

108 Serrel Sweet Rd, Sullivan, David E to Cabrera-Noriega, Alvaro R, 8/10, $260,000

158 Winsor Ave, Ri Hsng And Mtg Fin Corp to Omelia, Joseph, 8/8, $1

158 Winsor Ave, Ri Hsng And Mtg Fin Corp to Omelia, Joseph, 8/8, $1

158 Winsor Ave, Ri Hsng And Mtg Fin Corp to Omelia, Joseph, 8/8, $1

158 Winsor Ave, Ri Hsng And Mtg Fin Corp to Omelia, Joseph, 8/8, $1

West Greenwich

9 Nooseneck Hill Rd, Izzi, Antonetta G and Bennett, Jennifer F to 39 Nooseneck Hill LLC, 8/7, $600,000

370-C Mishnock Rd, Gibson, Carol and Lerch, Justin to Lerch, Donna M, 8/4, $60,000

West Warwick

10 Ashton St, Richards, Danielle M to Propp, Matthew, 8/10, $327,000

17 Harley St, Erica L Suffoletto Lt and Suffoletto, Erica L to Sandland, Samantha and Cantwell, Angus, 8/15, $339,000

25 Capron St, Vigeant, Michael R to Randall-Saunders, Della C, 8/11, $437,000

26 Ledge Dr, Blue Water Realty LLC to Brown Louis V Est, 8/9, $1

61 Lafayette St, Bradbury, Raymond C and Deutsche Bk Natl TCo to Gsamp T2005 Wmc1 and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, 8/11, $178,710

69 Trellis Dr Lot 69, Duggan William Est and Duggan, Francis to Schoeler, Norman, 8/10, $329,000

94 Cowesett Ave Lot 30, Daigneault, Lyndsey to Haders, Stephen R and Haders, Christine, 8/15, $111,453

226 Washington St, Monteiro, Carl to Dearce, Edwin, 8/10, $300,000

650 E Greenwich Ave Lot 7-311, Arora, Deepak and Arora, Anita to Burns, Michael, 8/15, $270,000


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