Dreamland Learning Center

Now open and accepting new enrollments


Its official.  Schools have cautiously reopened across the state, in some form or another.  Parents are slowly returning to the workforce, though many are restrained by the ongoing worry about childcare in the middle of a pandemic.  Childcare centers are working hard to assure parents that every possible safety precaution has been implemented.  Working parents are forced to fulfill their professional commitments while weighing the necessity of returning to work against their concern for the health and well-being of their loved ones.  It feels as though nothing is certain.

It is times like these, however, that the residents of Johnston and its surrounding neighborhoods can depend on the steadfastness and due-diligence of one longstanding child care center that is OPEN for business, accepting new children and upholding all the standards of safety and hygiene mandated by the CDC.  This is the Dreamland Learning Center on Hartford Avenue. 

Dreamland Learning Center is part of a network of child care centers which reopened its doors with a whole new set of protocols ~ guidelines which will make parents and caregivers happy, and, with all the usual schedules, programming and FUN it has always been known for, will make the children happy too.

A few of the safety measures that have been put in place begin at the front door.  Parents who are dropping off must fill out a questionnaire for themselves and their child.  If either of them has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID, or if they themselves are showing symptoms of any illness, they will not be allowed in. A quick and easy temperature is taken to verify that no child has a fever. 

Parents are met at the front door by Nicole and Tiara who are friendly, cheerful, and efficient. They are the only people who can go between the secure lobby door and the classrooms, besides scheduled teachers.  Beyond this constantly-sanitized space, all teachers and caregivers wear masks.  The staff in the infant/toddler section also wear individual smocks for each child they change. Everything is done to keep the environment clean, germ-free, and safe.

Meanwhile, the fun, learning and socialization continue inside, all while maintaining as much “distancing” as is possible with young children.  The center has a huge outdoor play yard which is a perfect place for the children to run off all their pent-up energy. Each room is filled with developmentally appropriate toys and equipment which are also regularly sanitized.  Each day is filled with fun, fall-themed activities, crafts, and play.

Dreamland Learning Center is now accepting enrollment for children ages 6 weeks through age 12. After school programs are up and running.  The Center is located at 1253 Hartford Avenue. For more information, to discuss your questions or concerns, call 401-280-1400 or visit their website at www.dreamlandlearningcenter.com

Be sure to check out the other Dreamland Learning Centers in West Warwick (401-828-8200) and Pawtucket (401-655-1000).


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